Radio Bronze



  • Shoutcast Service
  • Bitrate Max 96 kbps
  • 100 Listeners
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSL Mount Points
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Web-Based Station Management

Upload media, manage playlists, create local mount points and remote relays, view analytics and reports and much more, all from the convenience of your web browser.

Built-in Public Pages

Out of the box, each station includes a public-facing player page that can also be embedded into your own web site. Our powerful APIs let you build your own players and interfaces that take advantage of our rich metadata support.

The AzuraCast Features are the following:

  • Media file management and editing from the browser.
  • Full playlist editing.
  • Live streaming setup and live DJ.
  • It can be streamed from the browser without the use of additional programs.
  • Web pages can be integrated into the station's site or vice versa.
  • Allows you to interact with listeners in case of any special request about the content.
  • It is compatible with Icecast or Shoutcast.

How can I use AzuraCast?

As we already mentioned, it is a program that helps to manage the information of a radio station in an appropriate, easy and fast way, in addition to allowing you to connect from different devices.

This type of program is used to create music or content radio stations, for example:

  • Courses
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Live programs
  • Musicals