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Shared Hosting compared to other hosting models

An alternative to paid shared hosting are free hosting offers. Hundreds of providers make this free hosting model available to users, with which, many times without knowing it, they are giving up essential functions. While shared hosting ensures a custom domain, users of free services are generally only provided with subdomains under their hosting provider's URL. The latter is a fundamental criterion for commercial web projects, in which it is a priority to project a serious and professional image. In addition, most free hosting providers are financed through advertisements, which has negative repercussions on most web pages, since administrators do not have direct control over the monetization of their projects.

Web hosting on your own server is also an alternative to shared hosting and other hosting models. However, this model is recommended only for experienced users who have sufficient knowledge and for companies that can afford to grow their own IT infrastructure. The secure operation of a server requires trained administrators as well as regular hardware and software upgrades. A dedicated data center is generally a much more competitive (in all respects) and cheaper option than a self-built and self-managed server.