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Wwhat is a Virtual Private Server?

In the field of computing, private virtual servers (Virtual Private Server) are known as VPS, a very popular web hosting model that is part of the most classic IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services of a large number of providers. from Internet. Usually referred to as a virtual server, the VPS consists of a virtual machine (VM) that uses the resources of a physical server and makes available to users various server functions comparable to those offered by a dedicated server, hence often also called Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) or virtual dedicated server.

In web hosting, a very powerful physical machine often hosts several virtual servers, each running its own operating system and giving users full root access over the Internet. In this way, each administrator works independently from other users on the same hardware foundation. This hardware is managed by the so-called hypervisor, a software component that defines the virtual environment and makes available to each VPS a portion of all the physical resources available on the physical server such as CPU, RAM or hard drive. Root rights allow VPS users to install all the applications supported by the chosen operating system, which can consist of web server software, a mail server or more special ones such as eCommerce or blogging systems.