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Advantages and disadvantages of a VPS Server

A private virtual server can be considered an intermediate solution between sharing accommodation and renting, generally at a higher price, a dedicated server, since the idea behind this hosting model is precisely to offer the user a spectrum of functions as wide as possible at competitive prices.

Virtualizing computer systems on a common hosting system is much easier for a provider to implement than making separate hardware components available to each user. Thanks to encapsulation, greater independence is achieved for each of the hosted systems, so that each virtual server works in isolation from the other systems, active in parallel on the same hardware.

In general, the amount of hardware resources made available to each VPS by the hypervisor is usually already defined, so that each user is guaranteed a certain minimum performance. In the event that one of the parallel systems is not using some resources, it is possible to increase the performance of a virtual server above the guaranteed minimum, since the hypervisor distributes the unused resources among the other systems.

Each VPS server has its own operating system, which is why configuration failures or malware attacks only damage the affected operating system, in the same way that faulty processes on a server do not affect other servers sharing the same server. hardware.

Managing a virtual private server, by allowing the user full root access, is undoubtedly more complex than with shared hosting, where basic configuration and update management is handled by the hosting provider.

Compared to a dedicated server, a Virtual Private Server also has some disadvantages in terms of limitations in the use of hardware, as well as in relation to network resources. All virtual servers housed in the same system use a certain number of network cards and LAN connections, which normally does not correspond to the number of VPS's.

A technically similar hosting model is cloud hosting, for which you are billed based on space usage.