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Who benefits most from a Virtual Private Server?

VPS hosting is suitable above all for those users with advanced knowledge who are looking for custom hosting for their project, but who do not have the necessary budget to pay for a dedicated server. Due to the breadth of the spectrum of functions of a VPS server, its operation in a public network is only recommended if you have fundamental knowledge of server administration.

Small corporate pages, blogs or informative pages with a moderate number of visits are easy to operate with basic shared hosting, but more demanding projects, such as communities with many users, medium-sized online stores or corporate pages, are operated better with virtual servers, since they have hardware capable of managing occasional increases in traffic. Through console access, a VPS also allows you to install software that is generally not included in shared hosting rates, such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, NoSQL databases, or Windows.

A virtual private server is ideal for medium-sized companies because it generates affordable monthly costs and its optimal scalability, which means that, if a project needs more performance than initially expected, it is very easy to change to another rate adequate. Scaling a virtual server, contrary to what happens in the case of a dedicated server, also does not involve any data migration, since the hypervisor provides the additional resources that are necessary.